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Why did Comedian Gabriel Iglesias’ private jet made an Emergency landing?

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Comedian Gabriel Iglesias recently encountered a serious situation during his flight that was far from a laughing matter. The popular comedian shared that his private jet was forced to make an unexpected emergency landing in a field on a Friday. This happened after the private jet in which Iglesias was travelling in, skid off from the runway and landed in a field.

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Gabriel Iglesias grateful to be safe after plane mishap

After surviving the narrow incident, the comedian shared the accident’s video on Instagram.

“Emergency landing!!! Our private jet skid off the runway and wound up in a field in Andrew’s, N. Carolina,” read the caption of Iglesias’ post. “Everyone is ok but shaken up. Happy to be alive. I love u all.”

During a conversation with TMZ, Gabriel Iglesias shared his firsthand account of the emergency landing incident. He likened the experience to a scene from the movie Almost Famous, where passengers were overwhelmed with the fear of impending doom, expressing their love for one another in what they believed could be their final moments. Iglesias also mentioned the unsettling fact that blades of grass struck the windows during the turbulent descent.

Following the incident, Iglesias expressed his gratitude towards the pilots for their swift actions in ensuring a safe landing. Recognizing the severity of the situation, he acknowledged that the outcome could have been far more disastrous. Despite the frightful experience, Iglesias assured that he would continue to fly, albeit not on the same jet.

Gabriel Iglesias to continue with his tour despite traumatic experience

Gabriel Iglesias is currently captivating audiences on his highly anticipated Don’t Worry, Be Fluffy Tour, which features a schedule packed with performances extending until December. Despite the mishap on friday, the comedian will be continuing with the tour, probably even including a set about this incident in his future acts.

Notably, last year, Iglesias achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first stand-up comedian ever to sell out the iconic Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. This extraordinary event was captured on film and later released on Netflix as Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy, allowing viewers worldwide to witness the electrifying atmosphere of the momentous occasion.

Reflecting on the experience, Iglesias expressed his overwhelming joy in walking out onto the stage, basking in the thunderous applause and witnessing the sheer happiness radiating from the thousands of fans in attendance. 

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