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Who was Calleb Willingham? 5 things to know about Tammy Slaton’s husband who died at 40

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Caleb Willingham, who was the husband of Tammy Slaton from the popular show 1000 Lb. Sisters, has tragically passed away.

The devastating news was confirmed by Caleb’s stepsister, Shirley Willingham, to TMZ on Saturday, July 1. However, specific details regarding the cause of his death have not been disclosed. Caleb’s untimely demise occurred at the young age of 40.

Caleb Willingham gained immense popularity as a beloved figure on the TLC reality show, where he appeared alongside Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton. The show chronicled the sisters’ courageous journey and struggles with obesity. 

Caleb and Tammy’s relationship had an eventful timeline. They first crossed paths at a weight loss rehabilitation center in 2022 and subsequently tied the knot that same year. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, as reports surfaced suggesting a separation a mere five months after their wedding.

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Where did Caleb Willingham hail from?

Affectionately known as Killa K and Double K in his hometown, Caleb Willingham hailed from Evansville, Indiana, as reported by TMZ. The charismatic Midwesterner found fame as a beloved character on the reality show 1000 Lb. Sisters alongside his wife Tammy Slato.

Caleb and Tammy’s Rehab Romance

Caleb and Tammy’s paths crossed at an Ohio rehabilitation facility in 2022, where they were both receiving treatment for obesity. Their budding romance was captured on the show and eagerly followed by their fans.

Caleb and Tammy’s mesmerizing marriage

Despite their whirlwind courtship, Caleb and Tammy quickly realized they were meant to be. Caleb proposed after a few months, and they exchanged vows in a heartwarming November ceremony at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio. The couple described their wedding day as magical, filled with love and happiness.

Caleb and Tammy’s split after 5 months

Sadly, their marital bliss was short-lived. After only five months of marriage, The Sun reported of the couple’s separation. Allegedly, the split was triggered by Caleb’s failure to adhere to his rehabilitation diet, resulting in significant weight gain. This led to disagreements and ultimately a desire for divorce.

Caleb’s desire for a reconcilation with Tammy

In the midst of the reported split, Caleb took to his Instagram account, posting a heartfelt message expressing his longing to reconcile with Tammy. His emotional plea indicated his deep love and desire to mend their relationship. Unfortunately Caleb couldn’t fulfill this desire, and the story of Caleb and Tammy’s romance had a tragic ending.

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