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When Chiranjeevi made special egg dosa for his ‘baby’ Ram Charan and it’s super easy, here’s how you can make it

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Not everyone might know but Chiranjeevi has a special talent in cooking. He often dons a chef hat and cooks for his loved ones, fishy fry, dosa, and whatnot. Last year, when his entire mega family got together for the Bhogi festival, he joined the dosa counter and made a special egg dosa for his dear son Ram Charan. 

Let’s go back in time and recount when Chiranjeevi cooked a special egg dosa for Ram Charan and teased him as a baby. He said as Charan is my baby, I’m going to make a baby dosa for me. And as Megastar cooked the dosa perfectly on the pan, the RRR actor waited patiently. Charan further said thank you with a bright smile as his father served dosa to him. 

Earlier in a conversation, Ram Charan also revealed that no one can cook a perfect dosa like his father. He also shared that Rajinikanth, Sachin, and others are fan of his dosa. Wonder how to make egg dosa like Chiranjeevi. Well, here we tell you the recipe. 

Recipe of egg dosa

First, get your dosa batter. You either make it at home with a mixture of rice, Fenugreek seeds, urad dal, baking soda, and salt or buy the batter from the market. 

Next up, heat a non-stick pan, take a ladle of batter, and spread it across in a circular motion. Take an egg, break it on the dosa, and spread it evenly. Now, let it cook for a minute, and turn over the dosa. You can salt, pepper, or chili powder if you want. And tada, it’s ready, yummy, and easy to make dosa is ready. You can enjoy it with chutney, sauce or simply eat it just like that. 

Watch Chiranjeevi’s yummy and easy egg dosa

Chiranjeevi welcomes Ram Charan-Upasana’s daughter Klin Kaara Konidela

Meanwhile, it’s a happy and warm environment at Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi’s home with the arrival of their new one. The RRR actor and his wife welcomed the baby girl on June 20. They named their daughter Klin Kaara Konidela. The couple are currently staying at megastar’s house in Jubilee Hills as they want their daughter to grow in the warmth of grandparents.

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