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WhatsApp has discovered that you can only view text messages once on the latest Android beta.

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WhatsApp has been spotted working on a feature that would add an extra layer of privacy to users’ messages. The messaging service now allows users to send images and videos as “see once” messages. These should disappear once they appear. A feature tracker has found that WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows her to send text messages “once only” on her Android. This feature is still in development. This means that beta testers cannot try even if they have the latest trial version installed on their phone. The popular messaging service recently rolled out version of WhatsApp for Android through its Google Play beta program, according to a report by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo. This beta version of WhatsApp contains references to a feature that allows users to send “view-once” text messages.

According to Feature Tracker, WhatsApp is working on a special button next to the chat bar that users can fill out before sending a message. According to the report, the send message button will also display a lock icon, indicating that the feature’s appearance may change before it is finally released. WhatsApp currently prevents users from taking one-off images and video screenshots of him. And you can’t even share, transfer, copy or store them. Feature Tracker says that in a future update WhatsApp may also block screenshots when displaying the “view once” message.

Meta’s messaging service recently launched a new feature called “Message Yourself” on iOS and Android. This feature allows users to send or forward messages to themselves. WhatsApp users can forward messages to themselves from other chats or share content from other apps directly in their WhatsApp chats with themselves. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has also introduced an extension for iOS users, allowing them to transfer media with subtitles. iPhone owners can add subtitles to media transferred with WhatsApp, but this can be removed manually. This feature is available in the latest version of the app on the App Store for iOS users.

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