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What Did Flavor Flav Tell Taylor Swift At The Grammys? Rapper Reveals Amid Being Crowned ‘King Swiftie’

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Flavor Flav, the iconic rapper and member of Public Enemy, known well by his other renowned name King Swiftie, opened up about an intimate moment with the pop sensation, Taylor Swift, at the Grammys, shedding light on their conversation during the prestigious event. Flav in the past too has been vocal about his love for Swift and her brilliant music.

Flavor Flav revealed his conversation with the Grammy winner, Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift’s triumph at the 2024 Grammy Awards was nothing short of spectacular. The acclaimed singer-songwriter clinched two Grammy awards for her album Midnights, under the coveted categories Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. Amidst the glitz and glamor of the Grammys, Flavor Flav seized the opportunity to connect with the global superstar.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Flavor Flav recounted his interaction with Taylor Swift on the red carpet of the NFL Honors, revealing the essence of their conversation at the Grammys. Expressing his admiration and support for Taylor Swift, Flavor Flav conveyed heartfelt congratulations to the singer on her remarkable success. “The discussion [at the event] was about me congratulating her on all her success. And me being a big fan of hers, a big supporter of hers,” he shared.

Further, the rapper recalled acknowledging his title of King Swifties by the Grammy winner, sharing, “Having her acknowledge that her fan base ‘Swifties’ gave me a name, ‘King Swiftie.” “I said, ‘You know they call me King Swiftie?’ She said, ‘I know!'” reminisced Flavor Flav, recounting Taylor Swift’s acknowledgment of his newfound title. This momentous exchange underscored the profound impact of Taylor Swift’s music on Flav, who has not shied away from expressing his love for the global pop star. 

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Flavor Flav on being a proud Swiftie 

Flavor Flav’s declaration as “King Swiftie” marks a significant milestone in his journey as a proud supporter of Taylor Swift and her music. In a recent interview with HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Flavor Flav embraced his newfound title with pride, affirming his allegiance to the Swiftie community. He declared, “Yes, I am a Swiftie. Not only that, but I got a new name now: ‘King Swiftie.’”

Sharing insights into his affinity for Taylor Swift’s music, Flavor Flav revealed his favorite track from the Lover singer’s repertoire. Bad Blood, he declared, resonates deeply with its universal themes of relationships and conflicts. “I mean, that’s [about] everybody’s relationships, or everybody’s families, or everybody’s friendships, it’s like, you know, ‘I used to be good friends, now you did something to me, now we got bad blood, look what you’ve done!’” he remarked.

The rapper first met Swift at the iHeartRadio Awards in March 2023, but clarified that he has always been a big fan of her, stating, “Before I met Taylor Swift, I’ve always been a big fan of her music anyway, though.” Flavor Flav has wholeheartedly embraced Taylor Swift’s music, attending multiple shows of her Eras tour and even sporting official merchandise at high-profile events like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Flavor Flav is absolutely loving his new role as the ultimate Swiftie, and his love for the Blank Space singer is proof of the everlasting impact of Taylor Swift’s music and the dedication of her fans.

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