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What did a psychic tell Anne Hathaway about Drew Barrymore? Exploring their friendship and career

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In the mystical realms of Hollywood, Anne Hathaway’s journey to stardom took an unexpected turn when a psychic delivered a message that would change the course of her career. On a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Hathaway reminisced about the uncanny prediction that connected her fate to none other than the beloved Drew Barrymore. 

Let’s unravel this intriguing tale of friendship, cosmic guidance, and the Hollywood stars aligning.

A celestial revelation at the flea market

During a moment of career uncertainty, Hathaway found herself meandering through a flea market in L.A., pondering the twists and turns of her professional path. The weight of a missed opportunity burdened her until a chance encounter with a self-proclaimed psychic altered the narrative.

In a twist of the tale, a young girl approached Hathaway, claiming a lineage of psychic abilities with her family. She delivered a message that reverberated through the Hollywood ether—Anne Hathaway was destined for greatness on the scale of Drew Barrymore. 

The young girl said, “You missed something, but it’s okay. You’re meant for something big, like Drew Barrymore big!” The revelation served as a celestial reassurance at a pivotal juncture in Hathaway’s career.

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Drew Barrymore’s amused reaction

Anne, initially shocked, found comfort in the psychic’s words. It was like a sign from the universe, telling her to hang in there because she was destined for stardom, just like her Hollywood friend, Drew Barrymore. 

Anne Hathaway (IMDb)

When Anne shared this with Drew Barrymore on her show, Drew couldn’t believe it. Grabbing Hathaway’s hands, she playfully rejected the notion. She jokingly protested, “No way, you can’t be Anne Barrymore!” The exchange turned a mystic message into a light-hearted Hollywood moment.

As we explore the nuances of Drew Barrymore and Anne Hathaway’s friendship and careers, it becomes clear that in the realm of stardom, sometimes the universe whispers the most extraordinary tales.

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