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‘We cannot give up for millions suffering in the drought-hit Horn of Africa, says WFP official.

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Mr. Dunford said: “Unfortunately, we have not seen the worst of this crisis. Please turn it on, which means we have to stay involved. We cannot give up on the needs of the Horn people.”In some parts of Somalia. What worries me most is that the drought will continue until we have heavy rains and that the [potential famine] situation could be repeated in some of our neighboring countries.” However, Despite this bleak outlook, Dunford believes the region’s “highly dynamic” communities and innovative ideas from WFP,  donors will enable access to finance and new advances in agriculture. is improved. He also believed that investing in the community was important, including in girls’ nutrition and education.

Unfortunately, yes. Analysis continues and famine could be declared in parts of Somalia by the end of this year, or possibly early next year. My biggest fear is that the drought will continue before the heavy rains come. And it turns out that this situation is repeated in some of the neighboring countries. I recently met a woman while in Somalia. For 28 days she was walking with her 7 children. When I spoke to her, she had a malnourished child on her waist and she, Amina, was in the process of registering for humanitarian access through WFP and we asked her to help her with her nutrition. I was introduced to the center. She can get the treatment her child needs to survive. From what I have seen, the situation is dire, and of course, it is made worse by conflict and insecurity.

We work closely with international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank, and often provide funding through the host government so that WFP can scale up its activities accordingly. . Today it is also very important that we meet people’s needs, and humanitarian needs. But we are already starting to think. How can we build resilience? How can we help these people adapt to climate change? It’s not about climate change: it’s about the fact that the climate has changed. We are unlikely to return to where we came from. So how can these people adapt to the new situation? What can WFP and other partners do to support these new lives?

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