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Was Tracy Chapman In Relationship With The Color Purple Author Alice Walker? Know All About Their Alleged Secret Affair

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Alice Walker opens up about her love life to Gayle King on CBS mornings. The author was instantly attracted to Tracy Chapman after listening to her songs. Walker was quite vocal about her sexuality on the show, where she promoted her new book, Gathering Blossoms Under Fire. The Everyday Use author described Chapman as one of her “greatest loves.”

Walker, while in a conversation with King, talked about how she fell in love with The Promise singer. She revealed, “You know, there are some voices in our culture that can carry the whole culture and really make an emotional sense of it and liberate you into a deep love of that.” It is, however, not clear whether the duo dated or not, but the author claimed that the two are not on speaking terms anymore.

What Is Alice Walker’s New Book About? 

Alice Walker released her latest book in 2022, titled Gathering Blossoms Under Fire. The book takes readers through the chapters of the writer’s life as an activist, humanitarian, and acclaimed Pulitzer Prize winner. The author also reflects on her journey on the path of Martin Luther King, Jr., her marriage to a lawyer, and the early days of her career. Walker has even mentioned how her personal life got entwined with certain political events and more. 


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The Color Purple

The Color Purple by Alice Walker earned the author the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. Readers praised the book, and it was adapted into two movies. Blitz Bazawule directed the latest film adaptation. The 2023 movie has bagged nominations at the Academy Awards as well as the SAG Awards. The 2023 movie itself is a remake of the 1985 film with the same title. Peter Debruge, a film critic, while analyzing the latest version, said, “Spielberg did justice to Alice Walker’s Pulitzer-winning novel, but he also left room to expand and improve. Now, nearly four decades later, a rousing new version arrives from director Blitz Bazawule.” 

Continuing further, the critic said, “Instead of rejecting what came before, the Ghanaian filmmaker embraces and builds upon it, collaborating with Spielberg, Quincy Jones and Oprah Winfrey to update the material for the next generation… The main change, apart from a cast with impossibly big shoes to fill, comes from incorporating the songs written for the Broadway musical, which also brings additional freedom, as those numbers allow the story to transcend the characters’ harsh reality.” The Color Purple will be available to stream on Max starting February 16th.


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