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Twitter prevents users from sharing Mastodon links.

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Mastodon is divided into groups called servers based on many themes such as the UK, snooker, security, and more. Twitter has blocked links to some of the largest servers users participate in, including the most popular “social” channels. Twitter also blocks users from adding links to their Mastodon accounts to their bios, calling them “malware.” There is no evidence that Mastodon contains malware (malicious software that can harm your device). Mastodon said he had hundreds of thousands of users in November, and some of his Twitter users were looking for another platform. However, not all links to Mastodon are blocked and there are ways around this. Her BBC technology editor, Zoe Kleinman, managed to tweet a reference to her Mastodon account (zsk@mastodonapp.uk). This is because it is not a clickable link.

She then tried to convert the reference into a clickable link to her Mastodon page, but she was unable to post it on Twitter. It is unknown how many Mastodon servers she has been blocked on Twitter or why. When a user tries to post a link to a blocked server, they get the following error message instead. “This request cannot be completed because this link has been identified as potentially malicious by Twitter or a partner.” Not only is Twitter blocking specific links to her Mastodon, but it’s also taking action against her competitor’s main account. The Twitter account @joinmastodon, which promotes the site and its features, was unexpectedly suspended Thursday, along with accounts of several high-profile journalists covering Twitter owner Elon Musk.

This prompted the EU to threaten to impose sanctions on Mr. Musk, with Commissioner Vera Jourova warning that the EU’s digital services law requires respect for media freedom. “Elon Musk should be aware of that. There is a red line. And sanctions coming soon,” she tweeted. A Twitter spokesperson told tech site The Verge that the journalist ban is related to the live sharing of location data. This comes after Mr. Musk vowed to sue the owner of his Twitter account that tracked his private jet. This account has also been suspended.

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