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Tunisia Sharma committed suicide in her co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan’s room.

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Just minutes ago, shocking news from Alibaba reached the television industry.
Daastan-e-Kabul actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide. The actress hanged herself on the set of the show, and the incident occurred in the dressing room of her co-star Sheehzan Mohammed Khan, who investigates the role of (Ali Baba). It’s still unclear why the actress took such a dramatic step.

Tunisha is the lead of the series and has a good relationship with her co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan. Sources confirm that the actress committed suicide in the actor’s dressing room. Rumors circulated that Sheezan Mohammed Khan and Tunisha Sharma were dating, and the actress was worried when there were issues between the two. Issues between them are unknown, but reports are circulating. The actor was beloved for his role as Alibaba, and fans loved their chemistry.

He is the younger brother of Farak and his Nars and in his media posts on various socials, you can see the bond he shared with Tunisha. Now, it’s still unclear what led to this dramatic move for the actress. It’s still hard to believe that the actress is no longer with us.

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