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These are the must try foods if you’re visiting NYC

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New York City is noted for so many things. It’s the capital of art and finance. It’s the largest city in the United States and a major destination for the rest of the globe to enjoy. If you’re visiting here or you plan to make this place your own, you’ll want to completely explore the food scene. One of the major joys of living in New York is just how many marvellous types of local dishes you can sample with a quick trip. World-class food choices exist everywhere you go in the city. If you’re here, here are some of the best choices.

Marvellous pizza

Pizza is a staple here everywhere you look. New York City’s pizza roots go back decades Today, it’s still very much on the menu. You’ll find lots of tiny places that serve a cheap but delicious slice. The classic New York pizza has a thin crust, a light spread of carefully made tomato sauce and fresh cheese spread on top. It’s best-eaten piping hot. Take a few minutes, grab a napkin, fold up the crust and have yourself an authentic city food experience.

Stunning sweets

Sweet treats are just as much a part of the food scene here like everything else. Find a bakery and opt for two of the most iconic cookies that speak of the city. Start with the black and white. One side of this large cookie is spread with chocolate icing and the other with vanilla. It’s a nice treat when you want something with two flavours. Another basic New York treats with something sweet to them are the china cookies. These thick cookies are topped with a dollop of chocolate in the centre. Break off a piece to share with a friend.

Wonderful bagels

Bagels are the perfect thing to eat in the morning on your way to somewhere else. New Yorkers cherish their bagels. You’ll find them just about anywhere you look. For the ideal New York City breakfast, look for an onion or poppy seed bagel. Most New Yorkers prefer their bagels with only one or two savoury flavours and a golden crust. Split it in two and lightly toast both sides. Then spread with cream cheese. Add thinly sliced lox across the top. Look for bagels that have been baked fresh that day.

World class ramen

Ramen is sweeping New York like it has so many other places. New Yorkers love a good bowl of the stuff. They prefer theirs with a deeply flavoured broth and lots of freshly made noodles. This is a great chance to get out of the cold and have a seat. Many places offer varied types of ramen including those redolent with the scent of chicken and lots of vegetarian options. It’s an excellent way to take a break from walking in museums or heading off to a shopping spree. The hearty meal helps you get through the rest of the day with ease.

Upscale dining

One of the very best thing about living in New York or visiting the city is that there are so many upscale places just right for a special dinner. Four starred restaurants dot the city. This is the ideal place for a splurge for a wedding anniversary or business dinner. You’ll find lots of incredible options for any occasion you have in mind. Choose imaginative new American cuisine or look for upscale Chinese like you’ve never tasted it before. New York is the place to try some of the best restaurants anywhere in the country.

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