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The dumpster dining experience that wants to change the world

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While we have heard of some pretty strange restaurants around the world, one really takes the biscuit. One special restaurant in New York City serves customers in a dumpster! While you may think it is a gimmick to get people to post pictures on Instagram, it is not. Instead, it is a commentary on the food waste that happens every day in restaurants and homes around the world.

The Salvage Supperclub is a small restaurant that takes place entirely inside a dumpster. The restaurant is only one table and parks outside one of the diner’s homes. The club serves up a six-course meal to people in the dumpster. The food is specially chosen as it offers only imperfect produce. Whether that is slightly bruised tomatoes, discolored carrots or soft potatoes, the restaurant turns them all into delicious dishes. While many restaurants place a focus on having the freshest ingredients this club turns that idea on its head. While it uses a great variety of healthy ingredients it has the belief that even in the later stages of life, food can be used and can be delicious.

The club launched in 2014 and has had many exceptional items on the menu since then. Customers have particularly raved about the banana cream tart that was made from black bananas and leftover chocolate chip cookies form a corporate event. The dumpster is an actual dumpster but has not ever been used as one and is still very hygienic. It is cleaned thoroughly and adorned with hanging tea lights and beautiful place settings. 

While the idea is a little bit off the wall the reason is excellent. Today we all waste far too much food every day. In most western countries 40% of food goes to waste. The average American family wastes $2,275 a year on food that is thrown away. This is a huge problem for the environment, for people’s savings and for those who live in poverty while others throw out such great food. 

The club was founded to highlight a key problem in the world. Food wastage. If your mother ever told you that you had to finish your dinner because there were children starving around the world then you may already have a small understanding of this. Yet the issue is real. Most people are subconsciously aware of the problem but do little to solve it. Josh Treuhaft, the founder of the club, has decided to act. He says the dumpster gets people talking about the problem which takes us one step closer to solving it. Do your part by avoiding food wastage today.

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