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Texas: 14-year-old boy dies during hike in 48C heat – as stepdad loses life trying to get help | US News

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A 14-year-old boy and his stepfather have died in Texas after they went on a hike in extreme heat where temperatures reached 48.3C (119F).

The unnamed teenager lost his life after he fell ill and became unconscious in the scorching conditions, while the 31-year-old man died in a car crash as he tried to get help.

The tragedy happened on the Marufo Vega Trail in Big Bend National Park where the pair were hiking along with the boy’s 21-year-old brother.

In an attempt to get assistance after the 14-year-old became unwell, the stepfather left the scene and went back to his vehicle while the older brother tried to carry his sibling on his back to where the trail began.

Authorities were first told about the emergency at 6pm on Friday.

A team of park rangers and US border patrol agents then reached the scene at 7.30pm and found the boy dead.

Half an hour later, the authorities in Texas discovered the vehicle which had crashed over an embankment at Boquillas Overlook.

The stepfather, from Florida, was declared dead at the scene, while the older brother was unhurt in the tragedy.

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‘Strenuous trail dangerous to attempt’

The national park service has warned the Marufo Vega Trail was “dangerous” during the heat and advised visitors to avoid hiking along the trail in the afternoon.

It said: “The Marufo Vega Trail winds through extremely rugged desert and rocky cliffs within the hottest part of Big Bend National Park.

“No shade or water makes this strenuous trail dangerous to attempt in the heat of summer.”

A weather warning has been issued for hikers by the park service as temperatures soar.

It said: “Temperatures reach over 110+ every day along the Rio Grande and throughout the desert areas of Big Bend.

“These are extremely dangerous/deadly temperatures! Hikers should be off trails in the afternoon. Stay hydrated. Limit your exposure.”

The causes of their deaths were not immediately known.

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