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Tens of thousands demonstrate in Bangladesh demanding new elections.

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Tens of thousands of supporters of Bangladesh’s main opposition parties have gathered in Dhaka to protest the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and call for new elections.“Sheikh Hasina is a vote thief,” the crowd shouted as tensions mounted in the Bangladesh capital.The rally comes days after security forces stormed the headquarters of the opposition Bangladesh National Party (BNP) on Tuesday. At least one person was killed and dozens injured in the attack.

BNP official said about 200,000 people had attended Saturday’s rally by morning. Dhaka City Police spokesman Faruq Ahmed dismissed the claim, saying the venue could not accommodate more than 30,000 people.“Our main demands are for Sheikh Hasina to resign, for the parliament to be dissolved and for a neutral caretaker government to step in and hold free and fair elections,” said BNP spokesman Zahiruddin Swapan.

Stated.Although the protests were peaceful, Ahmed said SWAT teams, anti-terrorism units and dog units were standing by. Police have also set up checkpoints on the roads into the city to increase security.BNP officials accused the government of inciting unofficial transport strikes to prevent people from attending rallies. Western governments, the United Nations and human rights groups have expressed concern over the political situation and human rights violations in Bangladesh.

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