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Taliban chief accuses Prince Harry of killing harmless Afghans

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The Taliban government has condemned Britain’s Prince Harry for admitting to killing 25 people in Afghanistan while serving in the military, while senior Afghan officials have accused the king of killing innocent civilians. Taliban leader Anas Haqqani told Al Jazeera: “We have confirmed that there have been no casualties in Helmand on the day Prince Harry mentioned the killing of 25 mujahideen.” “It is clear that civilians and civilians were attacked. This story is part of many war crimes in the 20 years of Western military presence in Afghanistan,” he said. “It’s not the full picture of the crimes they committed.”

Taliban leaders have previously accused the British royal family of “war crimes”. “Mr. The occupation of Afghanistan by the West is a truly heinous moment in the history of mankind and Prince Harry’s comments show that the Afghans have killed innocent people at the hands of the occupying forces with no accountability.” My number is 25. It’s not a satisfying number, but it’s also not embarrassing,” he wrote Tuesday in his book Spare. “When I was caught in the heat and chaos of the battle, I didn’t think these 25 were human.

The 38-year-old very personal ‘spare’ was launched in Spain just days before its global launch on 10th January. Other facts such as the depth of the rift between the first in line to the throne and his brother William, drug use, and loss of virginity are revealed. Harry! You killed people, not pawns,” Haqqani tweeted, adding that eliminating what Prince Harry described as “enemy combatants” was like removing “chess pieces” from the board. I mentioned that it was a thing.

“The truth is what you said. Our innocent people were pawns in your soldiers, your army, and your political leaders. Nevertheless, you lost in this ‘game. The Taliban returned to power in August 2021 after his US-led NATO forces withdrew after his 20-year military occupation of Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghans, many of them civilians, were killed and wounded during the war. The country has not yet achieved post-war reconstruction. The US-led military and the Taliban have been accused of war crimes over the two decades of war. Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Kahal Barki also criticized the widely criticized British royal family’s statement.

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