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Solve your sock losing problem with easy tricks

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Do you usually face this problem of losing your socks? Even, you get frustrated while searching around for it? If yes, then you must not worry, you are not alone in this. It is a problem in almost every house – the search for the missing sock is quite normal. To solve this little problem of yours, you must dig into this article to find some interesting laundry facts that you must have never heard about. Also, check out the easiest trick to avoid the search of missing sock, after every laundry session.

How to search for the missing sock begins?

Many stories are viral on the internet, which states the reasons for, how you must have lost and where you must look for it. Here are a few theories, which might not have any logic or sense but some of them are quite possible situations.

  • One of them is that – there are chances that one sock never made it to the washing machine. It is quite common as we forget to keep the dirty socks together in the laundry basket and now one must be lying somewhere around in the house. It can also be lost during the process of stuffing the machine with the clothes.
  • A funny theory that you can read online is, that, your dryer must have secretly eaten one of the socks and have left you with one of its mates. However, it is possible as there is space in the dryer, where small items of clothing might get stuck without even your knowledge.

Best ways to never lose your sock again

The easiest and handy way to keep the pair of socks together is hidden right in your dressing. Yes, you have guessed it right – it is a safety pin. It is necessary to have stainless steel safety pins at your home for many purposes and this has proven to be one of them.

  • Whenever you remove your socks, tie them up immediately with a safety pin to avoid losing its mate in the dryer or under your bed.
  • The pin keeps the two socks together in the dryer, and the stainless steel won’t rust. Thus, it won’t spoil your socks.
  • Also, tying them together won’t all the dryer to eat both the sock together, as it is not its style.

This trick helps you to get both the sock cleaned, dried, and fluffed together. Thus, you won’t have to go mad in search of a missing sock.

Winding up

So, next time if you have lost your socks, you have solutions with you. Employ these tips and tricks to

avoid going crazy in the search of the pair of your mate – sock. Keep your socks safe with the use of a mini tool -safety pin, which is lying around in your dressing table.

Another tip is to avoid removing the pin even after washing so that you don’t have any problem in finding your socks in the morning. Next time don’t let your dryer eat your socks to fulfil its hunger with a single trick – ‘Safety Pin.’

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