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Monday, November 28, 2022

Shocked and Convicted for Attacking Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister

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The shock and attack on former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan – what his supporters say was an assassination attempt – has been internationally condemned.
One person was killed and at least 10 injured in an attack on a convoy, after being shot in the leg during a protest march in Waljirabad in the northeastern part of the country. However, Khan’s condition is stable and he could be released in the coming days, his team said.

The attack on Mr. Khan sent the country into a frenzy, and his political party, the Pakistan Teli Quay His Insaf (PTI), called for nationwide protests after Friday’s prayers. Schools were closed in the capital Islamabad. Pakistan’s leadership has condemned the attack on its opponents, President Arif Alvi has called it a “heinous assassination attempt” and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has ordered an immediate investigation.US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also called for calm, stating: “Violence is not in the political arena. Popular with cricket star-turned-politician voters, he was ousted in an April parliamentary vote.
Since then he has been fighting to get back to his office. Khan, buoyed by his PTI’s strong victory in recent local elections, had led a “long march” of protests calling for a snap election to facilitate his comeback. He has described his dismissal as a political conspiracy and has been criticizing the current government and military leaders for months. A court convicted him in a recent corruption case, but he challenges the verdict as politically motivated.

Pakistan has a record of political violence from former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007. After the attack on Mr. Khan, many called for her assassination. The country is also suffering from an ongoing economic crisis and devastating floods. Convicted of attacking the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, some of his supporters told the media that Mr. Khan believed current political leaders – Prime Minister Sharif, Interior Minister, and army general – were behind the attack. Spokesman Raoof Hasan told that the government was “trying to physically remove [Imran Khan]”.Pakistani leaders have yet to address such allegations. Police released a video confession Tuesday night of a man they say tried to kill Mr. Khan. However, when police asked why he shot him, he said: I wanted to kill him I tried to kill him the video was dismissed as a “cover-up” by Mr. Khan’s supporters. The suspect remains in custody but has not been charged

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