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Russia points fingers after the worst attack on Ukraine

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The Russian Defense Ministry has so far confirmed that 63 people were killed in a Ukrainian attack on Makyovka around midnight on New Year’s Eve. Ukraine has said up to 400 people were killed or injured in Makiivka, and Russian nationalists have taken to social media to put the number in the hundreds. But there is no way to confirm how many soldiers were killed when the US-made Himal missile struck a vocational school full of conscripts. It was written. Regardless of the number, this is the highest number of deaths Russia has admitted since it invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Rallies were held in several cities in Russia’s southwestern Samara region, and Governor Dmitry Azarov said many of the conscripts live there.

The largest commemoration was held in the city of Samara and was attended by at least 200 people. Other official events were held in the industrial cities of Tolyatti, Syzran, and Novokuybyshevsk.”Neither we nor our husbands wanted war. The whole West united to eliminate us and our children,” Ekaterina Korotovkina said at a rally in Samara. , no criticism was reported. The soldiers deployed to Makyovka were among an estimated 300,000 men contracted by the Russian military last September as part of the president’s “partial mobilization” in the face of a series of backlash in Ukraine. . There were some very critical voices against the army after the attack on the town of Makyovka, which borders the capital Donetsk and is a short distance from the front line.

Pavel Gubarev, a former senior official at the Russian Deputy Bureau in Donetsk, denounced the decision to house a large number of soldiers in one building as “criminal negligence.”Ukraine’s Southern Command has warned that it is too early to talk about the complete liberation of Velikiy Potomkin Island. Supreme Commander Valery Sardiny said on Monday that Ukraine had liberated 40% of the territory occupied by Russia since February last year and 28% of all territory occupied by Russia since 2014.

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