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Rappers Young Buck and Afroman get in a brawl outside a club; Here’s what the beef is about

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During a recent show in Virginia,  rappers Young Buck and Afroman’s crews engaged in a brawl, videos of which were acquired by TMZ. The incident, which took place on June 26 at the Zarati Shop in Abingdon, was captured on video and later shared by the news outlet.

Witnesses at the scene claimed that the fight originated from a dispute between Young Buck and Lil Sodi, an emerging artist associated with Afroman.

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What is the reason for dispute between Young Buck and Afroman?

Afroman, who claimed to be unaware of Young Buck’s presence at the event, stated that an intoxicated Buck exhibited disrespectful behavior in the VIP area. As seen in the aforementioned video, the initial altercation escalated into a full-scale brawl involving both crews.

Afroman took to Instagram, sharing a video of Young Buck lying on the floor while someone in the background mentioned his alleged intoxication. Afroman’s caption explained that Buck had exhibited hostile and aggressive behavior.

Buck allegedly struck Afroman’s photographer and then targeted Lil Sodi, using racial slurs and encouraging drug use. Lil Sodi attempted to confront Buck verbally, but the altercation escalated as Buck continued to advance.

Afroman concluded his statement by extending advice and an olive branch. He emphasized the bond he shares with Young Buck as a fellow Black brother and brother in Christ.

Afroman urged Buck to refrain from physically assaulting strangers and to exercise control over his alcohol and drug consumption. Despite the altercation, Afroman forgave Buck and expressed his prayers and blessings for him, hoping for his well-being.

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How did Buck respond to Afroman’s statements?

Buck responded to Afroman’s prayers by expressing gratitude but declining their significance. He refuted the claims made against him, insisting he was sober during the incident.

According to Buck, he tapped Afroman’s friend to move aside and meet Afroman, but the situation quickly turned aggressive, leading him to defend himself against multiple attackers.

Buck emphasized that he emerged from the brawl unharmed, asserting that he was in control of the situation despite appearing otherwise.

However, Lil Sodi disputed Buck’s account, stating that he heard Buck repeatedly declare his intoxication and asserting that he didn’t even get a chance to swing during the altercation. The whole incident is just another example of a brewing beef in the hip-hop world.

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