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Phala Phala Scandal: Spymaster Checkmate Ramaphosa Despite Arthur Fraser Evidence Called ‘Hearsay’

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PHALA PHALA SCANDAL Despite Arthur Fraser’s evidence labeled as ‘hearsay’, the spymaster checkmated Ramaphosa By FERIAL HAFFAJEE. Judge Sandile Ngcobo says the spy boss’s evidence is “hearsay,” but still makes a devastating discovery. President Ramaphosa denies Phala Phala’s alleged video evidence. “It’s not my farm,” he says.

According to his report, Ramaphosa severely violated South Africa’s anti-corruption law. The Constitution acted inconsistently with his office and exposed him to a conflict of interest by continuing his hunting and farming business. The explosion has now rocked the country. But what is the integrity of the information he has released to the public? “While Mr. Fraser’s statement provides information that will help verify the integrity of his allegations, the current proceedings do not allow the Panel to investigate these issues. It does not mean that you should blindly accept any information contained in the statement in the hope that it may or will likely be verified.

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