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Pakistan says donors pledged more than $8 billion for flood remediation.

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Pakistan said at an international conference in Geneva that donors had pledged more than $8 billion to help rebuild from last year’s devastating floods. Pakistan is hosting an event in Geneva on Monday, co-hosted with the United Nations, as it seeks international aid covering about half of the $16.3 billion total for its recovery. It was opened by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and UN Secretary-General António Guterres and was attended by stakeholders, private donors, and international financial institutions from nearly 40 countries. Unprecedented flooding caused by melting glaciers and record heavy monsoon rains last year affected more than 33 million Pakistanis, killing more than 1,700 and displacing nearly nine million, according to the United Nations. I am in poverty.

Thousands of people still live in vacant lots, tents and makeshift homes in her two hardest-hit provinces, Sindh and Balochistan, and many areas are still exposed to puddles. . Earlier, Guterres praised Pakistan and its people for responding “with heroic humanity to this epic tragedy”. The heroic response of the Pakistani people must be complemented by our own efforts and massive investments to strengthen our communities for the future, Pakistan is a double victim of climate turmoil and a morally bankrupt global financial system,” the UN Secretary-General added. “No country deserves to endure what happened to Pakistan.
At Monday’s summit, Sharif called for a “new coalition of willing people” in the international community, “one that can save lives and guide them on the path to responsible global citizenship.”

Today’s conference is an attempt to give my people another chance to get back on their feet,” he said, adding that his government will seek at least 80 donations from outside donors over the next three years to help rebuild the country. He added that he needed a billion dollars. Last year, Pakistan estimated that it needed $16.3 billion to rebuild its economy and infrastructure, with the support of the United Nations and other international organizations, and called for global assistance from the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA). I have created a report. The United Nations said last December that it had received only $262 million (32% of its target) despite an emergency request for $816 million from Pakistan.

The floods came amid Pakistan’s disastrous economic crisis, which saw foreign exchange reserves plummet below $6 billion last month. Pakistan is also seeking immediate financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund and friendly countries such as Saudi Arabia and China to support its struggling economy and avoid default. Islamabad-based climate change analyst Ali Tawkir Sheikh told Al Jazeera that he did not expect any significant commitments from other countries or authorities at the Geneva conference. I don’t think anyone will present an open checkbook to Pakistan, but given the number of attendees, I’m sure they will do something with some kind of promise,” he said.

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