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Not good enough for people and planet

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For the first time, the nations of the world have chosen to pay for the damage an overheated world is inflicting on poor nations, but without further tackling the burning of fossil fuels that are the root cause of these disasters, the climate negotiations marathon. has ended. Early Sunday morning, delegates approved a compensation fund, but on the controversial issue of wanting to target overall temperature targets, emissions reductions, and phasing out all fossil fuels. I couldn’t deal with it Early in the morning at Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, European Union and other nations hit back at what was seen as a setback to the Egyptian president’s comprehensive compensation deal, threatening to derail the rest of the process. bring to The package was revised again, removing most of the elements the Europeans objected to, but without the increased ambition they had hoped for.

“What lies ahead of us is not a step forward for people and the planet,” a disappointed EU Vice President Frans Timmermans told his colleagues during the negotiations. “There has not been enough additional effort for large emitters to scale up and accelerate emissions reductions. “All measures to prevent and minimize loss and damage have failed,” Timmermans said. “We should have done more.” German Foreign Minister Annalena Beerbock also complained.

“It is not frustrating to see expired measures to mitigate and phase out fossil fuels being blocked by several large emitters and oil producers,” she said. I was. France regretted that the agreement “lacked ambition”. Energy Secretary Agnes Panier-Lunachet said in a statement that “no progress has been made” on additional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase out fossil fuels. He said he regrets the disappointment but welcomes the Loss and Damage Fund for Climate Change in Vulnerable Countries UN Secretary-General António Guterres said “Our planet is still in the emergency room. We now need to drastically cut our emissions, and that’s a problem this COP hasn’t addressed.”

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