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Massive Russian missile strike kills one of him in Ukraine.

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Russia fired more than 20 cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets on Saturday, killing at least one person and wounding more than a dozen in what officials described as a “New Year’s Eve terror”. His second massive rocket attack in three days in Moscow caused severe damage to a hotel south of central Kyiv and apartments elsewhere in the city. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said a Japanese journalist was injured and taken to hospital. Russia has been attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure with rockets and drones since October, causing widespread blackouts and other blackouts for millions as a cold wave hits the infrastructure,” Dmytro said. Foreign Minister Kuleba wrote on Twitter after the attack. “War criminal Putin is ‘celebrating’ the New Year by killing people,” Mr. Kleba said, calling for Russia to be stripped of its permanent seat. In a nine-minute message broadcast on Russian state television, Putin accused the West of provoking war and “wanting to undermine and divide Russia.”

Standing in front of a group of men and women in military uniforms, Putin said:
“It has been a year of many achievements…This year has shown that nothing is stronger than love for family and friends, loyalty to friends and colleagues, and devotion to the motherland.” Putin, in his speech dominated by Russia’s war in Ukraine, where hailed soldiers from all countries fighting as heroes. At least one person was killed as the Ukrainian capital was rocked by another wave of Russian attacks as Putin delivered his speech, according to mayor Vitali Klitschko. “There is an explosion in Kyiv!” he wrote on Telegram. “Let’s stay at the shelter!” Kyiv’s surrounding region governor Oleksiy Kuleva recently warned of possible missile attacks, saying the region’s air defense systems were hitting targets. “The terrorist country has launched several waves of rockets. Army Secretary Valeriy Zaluzhnyi said air defenses shot down 12 of his cruise missiles, including six in the Kyiv region, five in the Zhitomirsky region, and one in the Khmelnytsky region.

The cruise missile was hundreds of kilometers away from a Russian strategic bomber in the Caspian Sea and fired from a land-based launcher, he told his Telegram. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said in a video speech late Friday that Moscow faces a shortage of high-precision weapons, including the Iskander ballistic missile. “We counted how many they shot at us, how many they had and how many they left,” he said. “You are in critical reserve.” Reznikov also told the Russian public that the Kremlin plans to close its borders and announce the second wave of mass mobilizations in early January. “I am fully aware that I have about a week left if I still have a choice,” he said in Russian. “In early January, Russian authorities will close borders to men, impose martial law, and launch a new wave of mobilization. Belarus will also close its borders. ”

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