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Masaba Gupta

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I am no one to say what women should wear: Masaba Gupta

Masaba is a diffusion line label under designer Masaba Gupta. Masaba graduated from SNDT women’s university in 2009 with a diploma in Apparel Manufacture and Design.
The label made its fashion week debut at Lakme Fashion week, titled Gen Next. The strength of the label lies in the ability to marry traditional Indian sensibilities and aesthetics while keeping the modern context alive. Since its inception the label has worked intensively with prints and the ability to turn mundane everyday objects into prints has been the strongest USP of the label which have translated into huge trends in the country. With the target age group between 18-30 years the label has also worked to make the traditional Indian silhouette of the sari more consumer friendly. Apart from being an ever evolving label, Masaba has worked with weavers from many remote areas in India like Himachal Pradesh, Bengaluru and Hyderabad and created woven designs. The biggest plus of the silhouettes are that they are age versatile as well as those that can be easily worn around the world. The fabrics used are extremely lightweight and easy going and Indian textile and handloom merged with quirky, outlandish prints in vibrant colours with comfortable & fuss free garment construction is Masaba’s main area of expertise.

We spoke to the designer daughter of the legendary West Indian cricketer and Indian actress Neena Gupta.,

Excerpts from an interview.

What got you into designing in the first place?

 To be honest with you, it was by fluke. I was learning music in London and I did not complete the course and returned to India. I then got into SNDT college because that was the last college that I could get into midway during the college. Then with the help of my mentor Wendell Rodricks I got into Lakme Fashion Week.

You were barely 19 when you designed at Lakme fashion week. The experience then and at the last LFW?

Yes, I was the youngest to enter Lakme Fashion Week. It has changed a lot from then to now. The competition has increased. It is much easier for the designer to show case their talent, especially if you have a financial backing. But I feel it’s become too crowded now.

You are now getting into kids designing as well. Tell us about that collection?

This kids collection would be mix of all best sellers of mine over the years. Camera, cow, candy and all kind of prints. I have designed 25 to 30 styles which includes dresses along with hair bands. The only difference would be in the fabrics. I have used much lighter fabric as I am designing it for kids.

You have an intriguing parentage. Indian and West Indian. Have you ever been to the Caribbean Islands? Any experience.

Yes. I have been many times to the Caribbean. They are lovely people, same like Indians over here. I almost go very summer to Caribbean.

What do you look out for when designing? And how different it is when designing for a celeb or a brand?

Designing for celebs is based on the briefing that we get from our clients. They tell us whether they going for a red carpet, or for an award show. We design depending on their brief.

If it is a brand shoot, we tend to use different colours depending upon the brand. So all that depends upon the vibe of the event…

What colours are your favourites?

I love Black and White colours. Someway or the other I always try to incorporate those colours in my designing

Do you keep in mind current trends while designing or do you set the trend?

Usually I set my own trend. Indians don’t follow any trends. It all depends upon heat, climate, season… etc.

What’s the designing trend these days?

Affordable trends have come in. Wearable clothes have made their way these days.

What do you think women should wear these days?

Actually I am no one to say what women should wear. It depends upon individuality.

Who do you wish to design for in Bollywood? And in Hollywood?

In Bollywood I would wish to design for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and from Hollywood I would like to design for Naomi Watts.

Who is your favourite muse?

I think it is Sonam Kapoor. I feel she can carry off any fashion trend. She is someone who really looks good.

How important are fashion weeks for designers?

It depends a lot upon your label. It definitely giver a lot of PR and visibility but if you putting a lot financially into it and you don’t get returns then it is of no use. So you have to look into all those factors as well.

Which fashion week do you aspire to be in the most?

I aspire for Paris Fashion Week. It is my dream to be there.

Please name some important dos and don’ts for fashion?


  • Understand your body and then dress.
  • Make sure you don’t follow trends blindly.
  • Dress after self-knowing your personality.


  • Don’t use colours which doesn’t look good on you even if someone says it is looking nice.
    Don’t overdo make up and accessories. Simple is sober.
    Don’t wear shoes that change your posture.


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