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Kyiv shows Russia’s nuclear-capable missiles.

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Russia is now using nuclear-capable missiles with non-explosive warheads to destroy Ukrainian air defense systems, the Ukrainian military said. It reportedly showed fragments of Soviet-made X-55 cruise missiles designed for nuclear purposes discovered in two western regions of Ukraine. The missiles will be launched to “deplete our country’s air defense system,” Ukrainian officials said. He said tests on the debris showed no unusual levels of radioactivity.

A Ukrainian military expert says Russia may have significantly depleted its vast missile arsenal after launching a series of large-scale attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in recent weeks. . At a briefing in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Thursday, military official Mykola Danilyuk said fragments of the X-55 cruise missile (known as AS-15 in NATO) that had been found in the Lviv and Khmelnytsky regions were Showed reporters what he explained.

He said the missile was designed in Soviet times to hit “strategic targets at given coordinates”. The UK said the missile was “designed solely as a nuclear delivery system”. However, the Russian military is believed to have removed the nuclear warheads from missiles launched into Ukraine and replaced them with inert systems. Daniryuk stressed that even missiles with non-explosive warheads “pose a significant danger” due to their kinetic energy and fuel residue. “This is evidenced by recent attacks in which X-55 missiles hit residential homes.”

He added that tests showed that “(the missile) had no contact with nuclear elements.” A brief air alert was issued across Ukraine on Thursday, except for Russia’s annexed southern Crimea, amid reports that Russian fighter jets may be gearing up for a new wave of missile attacks. . The warning was later discontinued.

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