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Kali Lake: Defeated Gubernatorial Candidate Challenges Arizona Election Results.

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Republican Kari Lake, who lost her gubernatorial race in Arizona, formally petitions Democrat Katie Hobbs to vacate the accredited election results from the state’s most populous county and declare her the winner. Or ask the court to rerun the gubernatorial election. in that county.A lawsuit filed by Lake late Friday focuses on long lines and other hardships people faced on Election Day in Maricopa County. was illegal, but there is no evidence that this is true.

Republican supporters stand outside the Maricopa County Records Office on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022 to protest the unfair election held in Phoenix. Democratic Senator Mark Kelly on Saturday called for unity, urging Arizonas to let go of “past conspiracies,” one day after being re-elected to a key seat in the Senate. (AP Photo/Alberto Mariani)
“Hatred has a firm grip on the heart”: Election denial lives on  the US battlefield
keep reading Lake refused to concede losing to Hobbes by more than 17,000 votes. The Donald Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate has attacked Maricopa County primarily with complaints related to problems with printers at some polling places, resulting in the ballots being printed with too thin markings on field tabs. I can no longer read.

Lines formed at some polling places, raising Republican suspicions that some supporters were unable to vote, but there is no evidence that it affected the results. County officials say anyone can vote and all legal votes have been counted.Lake sued Maricopa County officials and Hobbes for his current role as Arizona’s secretary of state.Sophia Solis, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s Office, said Lake’s lawsuit was under review, but had no further comment on the filing.Maricopa County spokesman Jason Berry declined to comment on Lake’s request to overturn the county’s election results in the gubernatorial race. We look forward to sharing facts about the administration of the General Election and our efforts to ensure that all legal voters have the opportunity to vote.

In a post on his Twitter account, Hobbs called the lawsuit “Lake’s desperate attempt to undermine our democracy and crush the will of our voters.” She released a statement from her campaign manager, calling the lawsuit “fake” and saying the camp remains focused on “getting ready to start on the first day of Katie Hobbs’ term.”Lake’s lawsuit says he was disproportionately affected by the Maricopa County issue, as Republicans won his 3-1 victory over the Democrats on Election Day. Republican leaders were urging voters to wait until Election Day to vote.

In late November, Lake filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County demanding election papers. She sought to identify voters who may have had trouble voting, such as: As secretary of state, Hobbes petitioned the courts to initiate a statutory automatic national recount on the three races decided by less than 0.5 percent.The election for Attorney General is one of his closest in state history, with Democrat Chris He Mays leading Republican Abe Hamade with just 510 of the 2.5 million votes cast.There is also talk of a race for a suburban education superintendent and a seat in the state legislature, but Margin

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