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Jamie Fox Health Update: Actor’s home is under construction as his medical condition remains unclear

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Jamie Foxx’s Los Angeles mansion is currently undergoing construction, with extensive renovations in progress. The sprawling property, valued at $20.5 million, is being transformed while the actor’s medical condition remains undisclosed.

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Details about Jamie Foxx’s luxurious home

According to a report by Page Six, Jamie Foxx’s opulent Los Angeles residence is currently undergoing construction. The presence of a sizable dumpster and various building equipment outside the property was captured in photographs.

However, representatives for the Academy Award-winning actor have not disclosed specific details regarding the nature of the ongoing work.

Since 2007, Jamie Foxx has been the proud owner of the magnificent Hidden Valley estate. With a sprawling area of 17,000 square feet, this impressive residence offers an array of features.

It includes 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a formal living room, dining area, game room, gym, gourmet kitchen, library, recording studio, and a spacious five-car garage.

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What’s the update on Jamie Foxx’s medical condition?

On April 12, Jamie Foxx’s daughter took to Instagram to share a statement regarding her father’s recent medical complication, which occurred on April 11. Expressing gratitude, she conveyed that due to quick action and exceptional care, Foxx is already on the road to recovery.

While further specifics about his condition remain undisclosed, it has been reported that Foxx sought treatment at a physical rehabilitation facility located in Chicago.

John Boyega, Foxx’s co-star in the Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone, initially mentioned his efforts to reach out to the 55-year-old actor. However, Boyega later confirmed that their communication had taken place, disclosing that Foxx finally answered the phone.

According to Boyega, Foxx is doing well, and they are ensuring he has the necessary privacy during his recovery process. Boyega conveyed his well wishes directly to Foxx and expressed his anticipation for his return, acknowledging Foxx’s importance as a beloved actor. 

According to a source in PEOPLE magazine, Foxx is in the process of recuperation. While he is receiving top-notch care, the source mentioned that Foxx is not yet back to his usual self.

Meanwhile, the actor has a close-knit support system surrounding him during this time, providing comfort and assistance throughout his journey back to full health.

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