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Is Barbie director Greta Gerwig set to direct USD 745 million box-office Narnia franchise for Netflix?

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Greta Gerwig, the visionary director behind critically acclaimed films like Lady Bird, Little Women and Barbie, is embarking on her next exciting project. She has been selected to write and direct two movies based on C.S. Lewis’s beloved book series, The Chronicles of Narnia, for Netflix. Confirming the news in a recent profile piece for The New Yorker, Gerwig is set to transport audiences through the wardrobe into the magical realm of Narnia.

Greta Gerwig’s passion for unique stories

In the profile piece, Gerwig expressed her desire for projects that deeply resonate with her artistic sensibilities. While previously working on the film adaptation of Barbie, she sought something with a distinct and compelling essence. The Chronicles of Narnia perfectly aligns with Gerwig’s creative vision, igniting her passion to bring these enchanting tales to life on the big screen.

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Netflix’s acquisition of Narnia

In 2018, Netflix acquired the rights to The Chronicles of Narnia book series, securing a multi-year deal encompassing movies and a TV series adaptation. This agreement followed Disney’s successful film adaptations of three Narnia books from 2005 to 2010, featuring renowned actors like James McAvoy, Liam Neeson, and Tilda Swinton. While Gerwig’s involvement may come as a surprising choice, her impressive track record, particularly with book adaptations like Little Women, assures audiences that she will infuse the Narnia films with her unique directorial prowess.

As anticipation builds for Gerwig’s upcoming film Barbie, scheduled for release on July 21, 2023, news of her involvement in the Narnia movies adds another layer of excitement to her illustrious directorial career. With a keen eye for storytelling and an ability to capture the complexities of human emotions, Gerwig is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved world of Narnia. Fans of both Gerwig and The Chronicles of Narnia can eagerly await the magic and wonder that will unfold on Netflix’s streaming platform in the coming years.

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