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Incredible ramen comes to life in the most unexpected Japanese location

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Ramen is not just something to eat. For many Japanese people and other around the world, ramen is almost a way of life. A steaming hot bowl of noodles calls to mind so much in very much the way a certain madeleine did for Proust. Those in search of the ideal ramen in Japan might spend a lot of time exploring some of the world’s most noted locations. At the same time, there’s one tiny location that’s making a big splash. For fans of this much adored soup, there’s a little place that might well serve the best bowl you’ll ever slurp down.

Hot air ramen

Hot Air ramen is the brainchild of an amateur turned professional cook. Located in one of the least visited parts of this island nation, Hot Air Ramen takes pride in providing some of the most delicious ramen anywhere. The tiny shop in Tottori was formerly an auto shop. Today, it’s one space that’s making headlines and inviting lots of guest both locally and around the world. Katsumi Yoshida trained as a car mechanic. His real passion remained in the background ready and waiting to come to life when the right opportunity showed up.

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Bib gourmand

A short time later, it was clear that he was on to something. That something proved to be incredible ramen. It also proved to be ramen that was, and is, available to the public at a price they could afford. His menu of low priced but incredible quality standards gained attention by those looking for something special and ready and willing to let the general public know about it. Those at the famous Michelin Guide took note The guide is all about promoting places of note to the public and letting them realize this is a place to stop and enjoy. Yoshida’s little ramen outlet was given the title of bib gourmet. This designation indicates it is a place that not only serves really good food. It also indicates that is a place that serves it at prices that are right for any budget. It was listed in the Michelin Guide Kyoto in the Osaka + Tottori subsection.

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Superior food

The attention he’s been given with this honor is one that comes to him after many years of experimentation in the field of ramen creation. As a child, he first became interested in how each ingredient can ultimately create an even greater whole. His own process of ramen creation is one that values everything that goes in the pot. It’s also one in which he spends a lot of thinking about each ingredient and how to get the best from every taste. As such, it’s a process that continues to go on. He’s constantly refining his technique in search of the ideal results. Ingredients like chicken bones, mushrooms and small fish form the base of the soup he doles out. Other ingredients like chili and garlic make this one soup to truly savor.

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