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Improve your health with some tips. part 2

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Eating fruits daily:
Many of us think that eating expensive fish meat will meet all our nutritional needs, but this is not true. Don’t jump on the rice cooker every time. You need to practice eating fresh fruit. A variety of raw, ripe fruits are rich in vitamin C. Contains almost all vitamins including vitamin A.
Vitamin C keeps skin healthy and enhances facial beauty. However; vitamin C is destroyed by heat. Therefore, relying solely on cooked foods robs you of these important food ingredients! I have to.

Eating food considering nutritional value:
When we are hungry, we gulp our food without thinking or judging its nutritional value. Again, many people think: Nutritious food means expensive food. This idea is completely incorrect. Nutrient-rich healthy food is available in our country at a very low cost. This includes vegetables. There are also health risks associated with eating open street food. Therefore, attention should always be paid to the quality of food. Foods that contain a lot of fat should be avoided.

Moderate Protein Consumption:
For good health, it is necessary to consume a certain amount of protein. There; proteins make up our bodies. Replenish corruption. Increase body. Fish, meat, and eggs are the main sources of animal protein. Additionally, people who exercise more need to consume more sugar and carbohydrates.

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