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How to take care of lampshade

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It spreads the light a little. This will change the look of your home. There is a lot of competition between different designs of lampshades to create a magical atmosphere. Table lamps were and still are popular home accessories. It’s easy to understand if you look at the design of the market.
Silk, cotton and Khadi fabrics have long been used in lampshades. Different types of materials also add to the modern look. Table lamp shades are now made using beads, palm leaves, palm leaves and sitar putty materials. Tie-dye designs, towel batik are also done. It’s so easy to take care of something that takes a lot of effort. Wipe the lampshade preferably once a day. After that, it will not be necessary to wash with water in one to one and a half years.
Please hold the screen lightly while cleaning. Otherwise, the screen may shift when wiping. Cotton flakes get dirty faster than other materials. Use a toothbrush and powdered soap when cleaning the lampstand. First, wipe the screen with a dry cloth. Mix soap powder with water. Clean by brushing from top to bottom and bottom to top with a toothbrush. Then wash off with water.
Allow to dry naturally after washing. Strong sunlight may stretch the fabric of the umbrella. If you have beads, paper, or other materials, gently clean them with a brush. Care must be taken to ensure that the brush being cleaned is free of debris. Dirt in the hut should also be cleaned and brightened.

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