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How Donald Trump is shaping the Republican midterm elections

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Donald Trump isn’t the candidate, but he does show up in this midterm election cycle, but it won’t be clear until Election Day, or shortly after, what difference he will make. 64% of registered Republican voters believe Trump is a positive influence, even as the former president’s approval ratings remain high in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 hearings and he faces multiple scrutinies. or say Republicans should have the direction of the future, according to an ABC News and Ipsos poll. It will be displayed in. Veteran Republican strategist Mark Weaver told ABC News, “Donald Trump isn’t running for election this year, but the political brand is Trump and he continues to show consistency and effectiveness. ‘ said. According to Weaver, Trump-backed candidates often resist the elite in similar ways, embracing his unconventional bullying behavior.

In this final week of his campaign, Trump is holding a series of rallies in battleground states to support the Republican base. He has performed in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. And while the Trump-backed Super PAC spends at least $8.6 million of his on advertising in battleground states, spending isn’t nearly as high as other Republican groups this cycle.

Trump’s actions in the midterms are his first test race since taking office, all against the backdrop of 2024. The former president said at a Texas rally last month that he would “probably have to start all over again” to make the country “certainly prosperous again” and glorious, and to run for president again.

“If Republicans allied with Trump lose in the race to victory in battleground states, that will affect negotiations in 2024,” Galston said. But if the candidate he endorsed does well, it could make him even more visible in the Republican Party.

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