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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Drew’s Wrath Unravel Nina’s Plans?

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In the upcoming General Hospital episode airing on Monday, February 12, Carly Spencer and Drew Cain uncover a troubling revelation about Nina Corinthos’ secretive agenda. As Carly seeks legal assistance from Diane Miller, Drew confronts Nina, warning her about the consequences of her actions. Nina remains unperturbed by Drew’s growing anger, but the stakes are high as Drew contemplates unleashing destructive forces against her.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Meanwhile, Trina Robinson confides in Ava Jerome about her overwhelming grief. Ava, drawing from her own experiences, reassures Trina that time will heal the wounds. The storyline also sees Laura and Kevin Collins making a significant decision, possibly related to Ace Cassadine’s custody amid legal uncertainties surrounding Nikolas Cassadine.

Gregory Chase opens up to Tracy Quartermaine about his struggles and the possibility of surrendering his independence. Elsewhere, Sonny Corinthos grapples with information from Brick regarding Dex Heller’s offshore bank account. As suspicions rise, Sonny confronts Dex, forcing him to answer tough questions.

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At the gatehouse, Michael Corinthos updates Josslyn Jacks on a betrayal within Sonny’s inner circle. Unaware of Dex’s dilemma, Josslyn and Michael navigate through the complexities that may expose Michael’s previous plot to imprison Sonny and Dex’s questionable allegiance.

The Monday episode of General Hospital promises intense confrontations, emotional revelations, and pivotal decisions. Viewers can expect Carly and Drew’s efforts to thwart Nina’s plans, Trina’s journey through grief with Ava’s support, and the unfolding mysteries surrounding Dex Heller’s betrayal. As the characters face challenges and make crucial choices, the episode sets the stage for heightened suspense and unexpected twists in the days to come.

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