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From Rajinikanth, Dhanush to Kamal Haasan and Suriya; Actors who went bald for their roles

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There are actors who find it best to stay in their comfort zone. And then there are other actors who are willing to physically transform themselves into a character. They may do that by gaining weight, going bald, or doing something else that helps them connect more with the person they are enacting. Their efforts to portray the characters assigned to them with absolute conviction have to be lauded. 

Here is a list of the Tamil actors who went bald for their films. 

Kamal Haasan

Aalavandhan is a film that clearly showcases the versatility of the thespian. He played dual roles in the film, and one required him to go bald. He also gained 10 pounds for the role. The actor himself wrote the screenplay and had the courage to portray the character. The role is one that many of the leading Tamil heroes would have refused to take up at the time. But Kamal is never the one to shy away from taking risks.


Rajinikanth bald

Many times, when a bald character is portrayed on screen, it is done in a way that mocks or stigmatizes baldness. These characters are often portrayed as antagonists or individuals with illnesses. Additionally, it is common for the less desirable version of a character to be depicted as bald. However, when Rajinikanth chose to shave his head for Sivaji, it became a style statement. It was not intended to enhance his villainous image or make him less desirable. His look in the film inspired many of his fans to emulate his bald look by shaving their heads.


Vikram bald

The commitment of Vikram to fully immerse himself in a character is widely acknowledged. He has consistently demonstrated his willingness to go to great lengths in order to portray a role convincingly. This was evident in his portrayal in Shankar’s film I. The physical transformations he underwent for the film are well-known. One notable change was shaving his head, which showcased his dedication to the character. It is worth mentioning that Vikram had previously embraced the bald look for Bala’s film Sethu.


Suriya bald

Suriya’s bald look in the film Ghajini is undeniably iconic. It has left a lasting impression in pop culture, with the look being parodied and mimicked numerous times. The decision of Suriya to go bald for the role proved to be a wise one, as the film enjoyed tremendous success. The transformation of the character Sanjay Ramaswamy, including the change in appearance, was a pivotal aspect of the film’s narrative and added to its impact. The bald look of Suriya in Ghajini has become a memorable and significant moment in his career.


Karthi bald

Not just Suriya, but his brother Karthi has also gone bald for a film. For Kaashmora, Karthi had the choice to either choose a wig or go bald. The makers wanted him to just use a wig, but the actor chose to shave his head. When many saw Karthi’s look, they could not even recognize the man. He looked so different as the ruthless and fierce Rajnayak.


Dhanush bald

The newest addition to the list of actors who have gone bald for their roles is none other than Dhanush. He is, of course, a great performer and a National Award-winning actor. Therefore, his ability to perform has never been questioned, and neither has his dedication. There are also rumors that Dhanush will be directing the film. Let’s hope it turns out well.

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