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Far-right Dutch politician hit over the head with beer bottle days before election | World News

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The leader of a far-right Dutch populist party was treated in hospital after being whacked on the back of the head with a beer bottle.

The attack on Thierry Baudet, leader of Forum for Democracy, comes two days before the far-right leader will hope to keep his seat in parliament in the country’s general election.

It also comes weeks after a man smacked him over the head with an umbrella in Ghent, Belgium.

Footage of the latest attack shows Mr Baudet in a bar in the northern Dutch city of Groningen on Monday.

A man then emerges from his left-hand side and repeatedly hits him with the bottle.

One of the blows is said to have struck Mr Baudet near his eye.

A man standing with Mr Baudet then throws a punch at the attacker before the Dutch politician is moved away from the scene.

Another man can be seen pushing the attacker in the opposite direction.

Forum for Democracy has said in a post on X, formerly Twitter, that Mr Baudet was treated in hospital by a trauma surgeon.

The post adds that the politician was “alright” and that a security guard was also injured.

Police spokesman Thijs de Jong said a person was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attack. He said the motive was under investigation.

Mr De Jong said he could not comment on Mr Baudet’s condition.

However, he added: “What we can say at the moment is that Mr Baudet was hit on the head, possibly with an object.”

Forum for Democracy has said it is not clear if a later event in another Dutch city would go ahead on Monday.

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From October: Dutch far-right leader hit with umbrella

Last month Mr Baudet had arrived at Ghent University to give a lecture when he was struck over the head with an umbrella.

The attacker was heard shouting “no to fascism, no to Putinism”.

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in a message on X that it was “totally unacceptable that Mr Baudet has been attacked again.

Mr Rutte said he had contacted Mr Baudet to wish him good health.

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