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Excited fans in crowded games

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Excited fans in crowded games. On 2nd November 2022, a spectacular cricket match was played between Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. India faced Bangladesh in the Super 12 of his T20 World Championship at the Adelaide Oval. There was tension between the people of her two neighboring countries. Because there is no option to win the match and advance to the semi-finals. In her last 11 matches, India has her 10 wins and India has her only 1 win.

However, in a match played between India and Bangladesh, India set a target of 184 runs. In the early days, Liton Kumar Das made great strides for his team in Bangladesh en route to victory. However, due to rain during the match, the target was set at 151 runs, with a proportional reduction in runs and overs.

The match started after rain, but conditions were not in favor of Bangladesh. Liton Kumar Das suffered minor injuries after slipping on wet ground caused by wet ground. Nevertheless, he continued the game due to his irrepressible nature. But he had no luck. He spilled when he got injured while running.

Bangladesh then lost one wicket after another. Tensions then arose among Bangladeshi fans when only 12 runs were needed in 3 balls and India scored 6 runs in 1 ball. Who will win this great match!? But then the Indian fans jumped for joy after winning the match

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