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Elon Musk wants to be the number one influencer on Twitter.

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On January 17, 2023, a report predicted that Elon Musk could become the number one influencer on Twitter. His @ElonMusk account with 120 million followers makes him the second most followed after former US President Barack Obama with 130 million followers. Elon Musk will inevitably overtake Barack Obama, the BBC reported, citing his Social Blade statistician. This is unprecedented as social media platforms have never considered his CEO as the biggest personality.

The report also says that despite the controversy, Elon Musk’s popularity on Twitter is “undeniable and growing,” garnering him 270,000 followers daily. According to Social Blade, over the past 12 months, Elon Musk has gained an average of 268,303 followers per day and lost followers in just five days. He lost about $200,000 when the massive layoffs were announced on his Twitter on Nov. 12. Elon Musk has seen a 70% increase in tweets since acquiring Twitter. According to Social Blade, Elon Musk used to tweet a lot, but since buying the platform he posts 76% more.

Elon Musk began on November 22 with 75 individual tweets that he posted, replied to, or retweeted. This is his record. “It’s great to see the CEO using this product,” said a former Twitter senior product manager who requested anonymity. On average, Elon Musk now tweets every 15 minutes during his normal waking hours. Sometimes I post at odd times. While his followers are growing, Elon Musk is trailing only 129 of him. In contrast, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey followed around 3,500 people during his time as CEO.

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