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Elon Musk reportedly gave employees a week to turn around Twitter’s advertising business.

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The publication said Musk laid off sales and technical staff in the third major layoff since Musk bought the company in November. Shortly before the releases, Musk asked employees working on her Twitter advertising product to change how ads target users in individual feeds and he said he would overhaul them. He gave them a week. It is unclear whether the laid-off employees were laid off over time.

Since Twitter’s privatization, Musk has laid off more than half of the company’s employees. The billionaire is known for pushing tight deadlines on Twitter and at his other companies. Marcin Kadluczka, one of the workers laid off in the company’s latest layoff, reported directly to Musk and oversaw the engineering behind Twitter’s advertising business according to The Verge. After leaving the company, Kadrutska tweeted about his resignation, appearing to refer to Musk’s one-week deadline.

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