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Elon Musk Calls in Twitter Engineers to Conduct Poll on Trump Ban Amid Mass Layoffs.

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According to multiple news reports, Elon Musk emailed Twitter employees on Friday asking all employees writing software code to check into the 10th floor of his office in San Francisco by noon. I requested Did it? According to Reuters, the billionaire said in a follow-up email, “If possible, I would appreciate it if you could fly to San Francisco to attend in person. The engineer should report him at 2:00.” Friday at midnight. Musk, meanwhile, launched a Twitter poll late Friday, prompting his followers to vote on whether to revive former President Donald Trump’s account on the platform. I voted yes. Musk’s email was sent a day after 1,000 to 1,200 of his Twitter employees decided to quit the ailing social media company. On Thursday, Musk set a deadline for employees to opt in or opt out of “high intensity and long hours.” The New York Times reported on the email and the employee’s decision.

In true Twitter fashion, dozens of employees tweeted their departures with a version of the internal tagline #lovewhereyouworked. “I may be #extraordinary, but I’m not hardcore,” tweeted Andrea Horst, who worked in supply chain and capacity management. Musk asked employees to email summaries of the software that their code had “achieved” over the past six months, along with “up to 10 screenshots of the most prominent lines of code.” “We have a short technical interview to help you get a better sense of Twitter’s tech stack,” Musk wrote in one of the emails, adding that the loss of key technical staff means the service typically expects increased traffic in a world Occurs a few days before his cup. A high-traffic event could be a major test of what Musk calls the new Twitter 2. 0 and how the company plans to work with fewer employees. Mr. Musk tried speaking to remote employees in the video but said only those who were unable to physically get to the company’s headquarters or had a family emergency were exempt. In his first email to Twitter staff earlier this month, he said:

“We are also changing our policy not to allow remote work unless there are specific exceptions. “The manager will send you an exception list for your review and approval. According to Twitter’s Elon Musk, Musk said Friday that no decision had yet been made to revive Trump’s accounts and that Twitter had reinstated several suspended or banned accounts. Musk’s decision to seek advice from Twitter users on who should join the platform is part of the company’s broader restructuring, which includes massive job cuts. He decided to resign because “Twitter, whose policies are defined by unilateral statutes, has little need for trust and security features dedicated to principled development.” said it was.

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