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Cost of living crisis has ‘biggest impact’ on Jersey health and welfare.

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The cost of living crisis is having the biggest impact on the health and well-being of people in Jersey, according to a news portals report. Jersey’s health director’s first report reveals what’s affecting the mental and physical well-being of islanders. Concerns about the state of public services and facilities on the island were raised in her 40 face-to-face sessions with a wide variety of people, from children to parents to caregivers.

Many islanders said poor healthcare, dental care, and mental health services were having a detrimental impact on their well-being. One respondent said they “couldn’t afford the doctors” because the cost was too high.  Some respondents reported feeling lonely as a result of a lack of leisure activities available in Jersey. The report highlights how many people want the government to reduce income tax and remove GST on food, which they believe would relieve some of the pressures they are facing.

Work-life balance concerns have been raised in Jersey, with many suggesting the government should introduce more flexible labor policies. A majority of younger islanders are more aware of the impact unhealthy habits have on their lives while older adults are more comfortable with continuing to smoke and drink despite health concerns.

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