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Chinese government health adviser warns of spike in COVID cases.

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China is facing a surge in COVID-19 cases after partially easing aspects of its so-called “No COVID-19″ policy, a senior government health adviser said.Top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan warned in an interview with state media on Sunday that China’s official cases, a phenomenon largely due to the dramatic drop in testing after the U-turn announced last week This is because the number has decreased.The government has made changes to minimize the scope of compulsory testing, allow home quarantines and end mass lockdowns after rare nationwide protests amid years of restrictions.

I got “The (current) Omicron mutation … is highly contagious … one person can transmit (the virus) to 22 others,” said Zhong, who advised Beijing during the pandemic.”Currently, the epidemic in China is spreading rapidly, and under such circumstances, it is difficult to break the chain of infection completely, even with strong prevention and control measures.” Cities across the country are showing signs of fearing an imminent surge or already suffering from infections, with “hundreds or tens of thousands of people infected in some major cities,” Dzong said. He said he had symptoms.In Beijing, where authorities reported new cases on Saturday, down from 3,974 on Dec. 6, markets and shopping malls remained mostly empty and some businesses were closed.”I’m scared to go out,” Liu Cheng, the mother of her two young children in central China’s Jianguomen district, told AFP.Many of my friends with COVID symptoms have self-tested positive but have not reported to authorities or gone to the hospital.The expected surge has fueled concerns that the country’s health system is ill-equipped to deal with the large number of unvaccinated elderly.

Government stepped up vaccination campaign for the elderly, but expected to take months to completeJiao Yahui, the head of the medical affairs department of the National Health Commission, warned on Friday that the country has one bed of his 10,000 intensive care units. She said 106,000 doctors and 177,700 nurses will be diverted to intensive care units to deal with the surge in coronavirus patients, but that will limit the health system’s ability to treat other illnesses. No details were given on how it would affect them.President Xi Jinping’s government has promised to reduce the costs and disruption to the economy caused by the measure. In the three months to June, the economy contracted he 2.6% in a row.

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