Be patient with your ageing parents


It’s often very easy to become upset with our parents, frustrated and impatient. This video is intended to remind you and myself as well that our parents are getting older. With age comes difficulties that they did not have before. They might be forgetful, slower and emotional at times
which requires a great deal of understanding on our part.

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I understand that it’s not the easiest task to handle especially when we have our own busy lives but let’s not forget that these are the people who raised us, taught us and prepared us for the world. These are the people who patiently shaped us into fine adults, they also sacrificed so
much along the way to pave the way forward for us.

Now is the time for us to show gratitude by repaying their unconditional love, though I am not convinced that we could ever say thank you enough. We are now given the opportunity to show exceptional understanding and tolerance, to express love with compassion when they
experience setbacks and can’t function as they used to.

I’m sure you can imagine how difficult this period is for them too. Once independent individuals now need us to drive them to the stores, to help them shop, set up the TV or cellphone. It’s frustrating for them too and we can lessen their burden and ease their suffering. What a joy to get to love them and see them everyday. Life is so short and they will leave us and when they do, I hope we can say goodbye with no regrets.

I hope this touches you
(Ms) CJ Benjamin
Always in the mood to make it right!