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CJ Benjamin

CJ Benjamin is an award winning talk show host and Motivational speaker.CJ has received numerous awards for her public service and continues to be passionate about youth and women empowerment . CJ engages with youth and women across Africa in public workshops empowering people to make better choices for their lives.CJ currently hosts Empowerment talks on all social media platforms with the aim of motivating and uplifting the country. CJ's motivational videos are intended to help those who are struggling with many of life's afflictions and she speaks from personal experience always.Her open and frank presentation resonates with audience who relate to her. CJ Benjamin is always in the mood to make it right!

People only treat you the way you allow them too!

At the start of a new year it is typical that we start setting goals and creating new years resolutions. Many focus on diets,...

Be patient with your ageing parents

It's often very easy to become upset with our parents, frustrated and impatient. This video is intended to remind you and myself as well...

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