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#AudiTogether: Solidarity Concert in the press shop at Audi

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•  A live concert from the press shop provides a glimpse behind the scenes  
at Audi
• International violinist Lisa Batiashvili: "Presenting optimism and joy through music"
• In times of social distancing, music is balm for the soul more than ever

Ingolstadt, April 14, 2020 – Audi is sending a signal of solidarity from the brand’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. A prominent Georgian violinist active across Europe and the United States and who is also the artistic director of the Audi Summer Concerts, Lisa Batiashvili, together with other renowned European musicians, is giving a concert today that will be streamed live from Audi’s press shop. Audi is holding the concert in the context of the international #AudiTogether campaign. In the coronavirus crisis, the company is also giving five million euros in immediate aid to support national and international humanitarian causes in its home regions.

The star violinist said, “Music connects people across borders. We are sending this message to the world from Audi’s home and hope to present a moment of optimism and joy for many people. By playing a concert live at such an unusual venue and sharing it digitally with our audience, we are opening up new perspectives.”

Audi’s Press shop, where presses weighing tons normally produce bodywork components with a thunderous noise, will be the concert hall for the refined sounds of classical music, as during the factory concerts held in 2012 and 2015. This time, however, a small group of musicians will sit directly between the huge presses – without a stage and without an audience. Only the cameras for the live streaming will accompany their performance, giving the audience a glimpse behind the scenes.

In times of social distancing, music is balm for the soul more than ever. To be separated spatially, and at the same time to be united in experiencing a concert of this kind, reinforces the sense of community.

All activities, schedules and processes within Audi’s production are currently halted during this time of the coronavirus crisis. With the sufficient implementation of protective measures at places of work, Audi’s production will begin again in a controlled way to manufacture premium vehicles to the accustomed quality.

International performers and program

The violinist Lisa Batiashvili, who lives in Munich, will be accompanied on stage today at 20h00 (CAT and CET) by the renowned oboist and conductor François Leleux, who is also her husband. The other performers are the star cellist Maximilian Hornung, his partner the violinist Sarah Christian, concertmaster of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen – German Chamber Philharmonic, and Jano Lisboa, the solo viola player at the Münchner Philharmoniker – Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. The program consists of music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederick Handel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The presenter of the program is Alexander Mazza.

Streaming service on the web

The concert will be shown live on 14 April (today) at 8 pm (CAT and CET) on www.audi.com , on the YouTube channel @Audi, the Facebook page @Audi.AG an on Twitter @AudiOffical. Also, the livestream will be available on www.audimedia.tv. Afterwards, the concert will be available as a recording on www.audimedia.tv .

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