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Ariana Grande sings Kylie Minogue’s song while celebrating London Pride Day; Watch

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Ariana Grande celebrated London Pride Day by singing one of Kylie Minogue’s songs. In an Instagram story, she expressed her love and support, saying “Happy London Pride Day, I love you.” She also tagged Kylie Minogue and wrote, “You’re perfect.” Additionally, she acknowledged talented hair and makeup artist, GaborK MUA, by tagging him in the post.

Ariana’s Instagram story captured her singing with joy and excitement. The video showcased her incredible vocal abilities as she effortlessly performed one of Kylie Minogue’s popular songs. Her rendition of the song was filled with passion and energy, capturing the spirit of London Pride Day.
Alongside the video, Ariana wrote a heartfelt message, expressing her love and support. She sent her best wishes to everyone celebrating London Pride Day and expressed her affection for her fans. Her words, “Happy London Pride Day and I love you,” reflected her genuine enthusiasm and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.


Who is Kylie Minogu and how did she become a LGBTQ+ icon?

Kylie Minogue, the Australian singer and actress, rose to global fame in the late 1980s and continues to be successful today. One of her TV roles paved the way for her music career, propelling her to become a renowned Australian pop artist

Kylie’s journey in the music industry was never planned. Unlike some artists who prioritize their identity politics, Kylie’s fame originated from television, and her longevity in the industry was unforeseen. Her evolution into an LGBTQ+ icon occurred naturally and gradually, making it all the more special and genuine.

In 1987, Kylie’s initial recording of “Locomotion” (later re-recorded as “The Loco-Motion”) became Australia’s top-selling single, paving the way for her collaboration with Stock Aitken Waterman in London. Her first international hit, “I Should Be So Lucky,” owed some of its success to her role as Charlene in the popular Australian soap opera, Neighbours. However, its appeal extended beyond fans of her TV stardom, resonating with a generation of young gay men who grappled with their place in society during the AIDS crisis.
“I Should Be So Lucky” possessed a melancholic Hi-NRG production and relatable lyrics expressing unfulfilled romantic desires. Its impact went beyond surface-level comprehension of the song’s words.

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