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Animal star Bobby Deol says he never stopped Tanya Deol from working: ‘I am what I am because of my wife’

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Actor Bobby Deol’s performance in his latest venture Animal has made him achieve new heights in his career and garner immense recognition. As he rejoices in the success of his film, Deol has now spoken about his wife Tanya, giving her the credit for his current stature, and said that though he was brought up in a conventional setup, he chose not to stop his wife from working.

In addition, he also revealed that he does not want to repeat the same mistakes of his father and legendary Bollywood star Dharmendra. Read on to find out what else the actor said.

‘It’s just that I am blessed’: Bobby Deol following the success of Animal

Bobby is getting a lot of attention for his strong performance in the latest Ranbir Kapoor starrer. Amidst rejoicing in the pouring adulation, Deol has now shared the way he was brought up in a conventional household, wherein one wasn’t allowed to raise voice against their father. Stating how he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes that his father made. Bobby Deol also said that he never raised an objection to his wife working.

Giving her the credit for what he is today, the Barsaat star told Zoom Entertainment, “I saw that it didn’t happen with me and my kids, and it’s not my dad’s fault because he grew up in the same environment, but I am a very broad-minded person. I never stopped my wife from working, or subdue her, or make her feel less about herself. I am what I am because of my wife…. It’s just that I am blessed.”

Bobby Deol shares how his relationship with his sons differs from that of him and Dharmendra

The actor proceeded to reflect on how he grew up in a traditional setup where one had to keep a certain level of respect of parents and not go beyond certain boundaries. Sharing how his relationship with sons Dharam and Aryaman is different than what he had with his father Dharmendra, Bobby added that during his childhood, while one had the liberty to argue with mothers, talking to fathers accompanied a certain level of hesitation.

“There was respect that you had to keep for your parents. You cannot go beyond certain things. With your mothers, you can still fight, still argue. Mothers are made like that, but fathers ke saath always jhijhak (hesitation) rehti thi,” the actor revealed.

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