The tanker appeared to be stuck under a low bridge on Saturday morning in the town of Boksburg, about 100 meters from Tambo Memorial Hospital. A patient was evacuated from a hospital crash after part of the roof collapsed after the blast. According to local media, the truck was loaded with LPG.

“Apparently the gas tanker passed under the subway bridge and got stuck there,” said Ambulance Services spokesman William Nadi. As the firefighters tried to put out the fire, there was a second explosion of his, huge, which was captured on amateur video, destroying the fire truck and his two automobiles. Witness Michael Cringe described the explosion as “like a bomb” and told Reuters he saw fire under the bridge.

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Another eyewitness, Jean-Marie, said, “At about 6:35. I saw a huge flame.
local time (04: 35 GMT) and, according to Reuters, “that to the judge he feels like 6.5.” The footage, apparently taken shortly after the explosion, shows many people stunned and burned as they stagger through a residential area near the epicenter.