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Iranians Raise Cry As They Brace For U.S. Immigration Ban

Anticipating an executive order from the White House to temporarily shut off Iranians' access to U.S. visas and other avenues to immigration, Iranians have voiced frustration with being targeted for exclusion alongside citizens from a handful of predominantly Muslim countries where conflicts are raging. The prospect of such immigration curbs by

Syria Says No To Autonomous Administration In East Aleppo

The Syrian government has rejected a proposal by the United Nations to grant Aleppo’s rebel-held areas autonomy to help restore calm to the northern city. The state's institutions "must be restored" to Aleppo once rebels have been expelled, Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said after talks with the UN's special envoy to

Afghanistan Before The Wars

It's difficult to imagine today, but Afghanistan was once a popular destination for foreigners with adventure in their blood. From 1970 to 1974, as Western and Soviet powers competed for influence in the country, one young American family compiled a photographic record of expat life in a country that has


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