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#AudiTogether: Solidarity Concert in the...

#AudiTogether: Solidarity Concert in the press shop at Audi

• A live concert from the press shop provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Audi • International violinist Lisa Batiashvili: "Presenting optimism and joy through music" • In times of social distancing, music is balm for the soul more than ever Ingolstadt, April 14, 2020 – Audi... read more »

Simple tips for recreating red carpet lo...

Simple tips for recreating red carpet looks at home

(BPT) – Whether you’re looking to enhance your daily beauty routine or for tips to add glam to your style for an upcoming special occasion, Hollywood’s red carpet is the best source for trends and inspiration. Fortunately, many of today’s hottest looks are easy to create at... read more »



From pointillism to figurative works to graphic-collage works with canvas on plywood that can be equated to inlay work, artist Padmanabh Bendre in three decades has reinvented himself at every step. The current exhibition titled Timeless Space brings to life, the works of the veteran artist across... read more »

Childhood’s End: Forced Into Marriage At...

Childhood’s End: Forced Into Marriage At Age 10 In Iran

At first, it sounds like a charming love story: Playmates who grow up side by side in an Iranian village go on to get married. But when Leila was wedded to Ali, she was 10 years old. He was 15. “It was nighttime and I was asleep. My neighbors rang the doorbell and came in and put a ring on my... read more »

3 tips for a more flavorful holiday meal

3 tips for a more flavorful holiday meal

(BPT) – Holiday gatherings and backyard barbecues have a lot in common as they are occasions for gathering and for eating. And for both, successful execution of a shared meal means preparing what everyone likes and preparing it perfectly. While holiday staples such as turkey, ham and brisket... read more »

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5 Ways to Keep Skin Healthy and Beautiful this Summer

  (BPT) – It’s time to embrace the pleasures of summer: long vacations, poolside lounging, and al fresco dining with great views. While soaking up the sun can be fun, it can also pose... read more »

A springtime glow: 6 ways to purify your skin

(BPT) – You’ve heard of detox diets and ridding your body of toxins, but did you know the same is possible for your skin? Environmental toxins and pollutants not only cause breakouts, but also bring out a dull, less vibrant looking complexion. “Stressors from your environment and lifestyle can cause redness, irritations and... read more »

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Nabeel Abed

He’s become a seasoned photographer, shooting only his annual calendars that have never failed to amaze. He needs no introduction as that time has passed for him. He has won the world over with... read more »

Monster: The Monument That Destroyed Its Creator

From 1955 until 1962, the world’s largest statue of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin loomed over the Czechoslovak capital, Prague. The 17,000-ton colossus dominated the skyline, impossible to miss. Yet the sculptor who designed the monument, Otakar Svec, never saw it. For one day last month, the tyrant’s giant head once again hung high... read more »

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In the Quest for Climate Justice, Who’s Left Out?

When we talk about climate justice, the first thing that comes to mind is the plight of small island states, which contribute little to global warming but suffer its worst impacts. Or... read more »

Rwavhi fine art

Faces tell a thousand stories. Faces can tell a thousand lies. The stone sculptors of Zimbabwe have the artistic ability to carve a face out of rock in a myriad different ways, be it... read more »

AQUARACER Premier League Special Edition

Today, TAG Heuer is incredibly proud to unveil the very first special edition Premier League watch. Naturally, a sports model — a 43 mm Aquaracer — has been chosen to bear the colours... read more »

5 beauty tips to take you from summer to fall

(BPT) – As the sunny days and sizzling heat of summer come to an end, it’s time to transition into a new hair and beauty routine. The shifting seasons can be the perfect time to try... read more »

Coast Of Style

Gen Next Designer Charmi Shah made remarkable debut with her collection ‘Côte du Style’ in Mumbai recently Charmi showcased 32 of her best designs from her first set of collection ‘Côte... read more »

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